Mingjie's Library of Logic Riddles

Last updated 4 months ago

My introduction to formal logic happened during the summer of 2017, where I spent 3 weeks at Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth taking a course called math logic. I have received a lot of fascinating riddles that need to be solved with derivations and much brain work. I have decided to build this online library to keep track of them.

For each problem, there should be a solution page linked on the bottom of the riddle. For your enjoyment, please make sure you at least attempt to solve the riddle yourself before jumping to the solution. You may realize that some problems in this set may not have a solution. That is because either I lost the source of the solution, or I simply found the problem on a website without a solution. Feel free to contribute.

In most problems, I have labelled the original author. If you are an author of a problem and wish your work to be removed from this repository, please do not hesitate to contact me at logic@mingjie.info.